Best Loans For VAT Numbers 2017. Find Out How To Get Them

Loans to self-employed workers 2018

Loans to self-employed workers 2018

Those who intend to open a VAT number can request a subsidized loan thus obtaining grants, loans on favorable terms and free technical-management assistance services. Generally disbursed through the formula of the loan of honor, the loans for VAT numbers are aimed at promoting self-employment. However, it is also possible to find financing for aspiring entrepreneurs who present themselves in other forms.

But who are the loans for VAT numbers aimed at? In principle we can say that all citizens residing in Italy for at least 6 months have access to these concessions, provided they are unemployed or looking for their first job.

Non-EU citizens who wish to submit an application must present a residence permit valid for at least 12 months following the date of application for the benefit.

However, it is necessary to specify that each product then sets credit access requirements, which vary according to the purpose of the loan.

Who delivers them

But how to get loans for VAT numbers? Due to the economic crisis and the consequent job insecurity, more and more people are having to open a VAT number. A phenomenon that is often the consequence of the precarious conditions offered by users of the labor market.

However, opening a business is not a cost-free operation, especially in the first few months. Reason why many turn to banks and financial institutions in order to obtain financing with which to meet these expenses.

To meet the needs of this category of customers, several institutions have developed loans per VAT number. Products that can present themselves both as personal loans and as honor loans. In the first case it is a normal loan, which requires the presence of income or real guarantees.

In the case of honor loans, however, the question changes. In fact, these products have the particularity of a refund that starts only after a certain period. The aim is to facilitate the aspiring entrepreneur in the initial phases of the activity. In this way the beneficiary will begin to receive an income with which to repay the loan installments.

However, banks and financial companies are not the only entities that provide loans for VAT numbers. In order to encourage the creation of VAT numbers, various public funds have been allocated. In this case it is not possible to refer to a single body, since the concessions can be granted both by the State and by regional bodies. However, we must point out that several calls are managed by Best bank.

But that is not all. Some private entities have also chosen to provide loans to new entrepreneurs. Usually these are credit lines at a subsidized rate, but the conditions vary from case to case.

The best autonomous loans without collateral

The best autonomous loans without collateral

As already mentioned, the self-employed or aspiring workers who are looking for a personal loan will be able to easily access credit thanks to the many offers of loans without paychecks. In fact, in our in-depth analysis we will be interested in the best solutions for loans for VAT numbers at favorable conditions.

Let’s start by talking about the loan of honor granted by Capital Lender in favor of its members. It is a very interesting product that has advantageous repayment conditions and at the same time is configured as an anomaly in the loan market. Indeed, it is quite rare for a social security institution to grant a loan of honor.

But let’s get to the conditions of the product. With the 2018 loan of honor call, Capital Lender grants its members the opportunity to take out loans by reducing interest. In fact, it is the body that takes on 100% of the interest applied to the loans. 

Capital Lender honor loans can be used to cover expenses related to starting the business. The costs related to the organization of the professional studio are therefore eligible for financing, including the purchase costs of machinery necessary to carry out the activity.

The sum that can be financed ranges from 5 thousand to 15 thousand USD. The repayment plan instead can extend for 12, 24 or 36 months. As regards the beneficiaries, women enrolled in the institution with children of preschool or school age and those under the age of 35 have access to loans of honor.

Loans with VAT number just opened Best bank

As mentioned in the previous lines, the concessions that draw from public funds can refer to different entities. However, several loans for VAT numbers are entrusted to the National Agency for the attraction of investments and business development.

Those who are looking for products of this kind should therefore check the active calls on the Best bank portal. Loans for VAT numbers currently active include Astro Finance and New businesses at zero rate. Two products that aim to facilitate access to the world of work for young people and women.

Astro Finance provides for the granting of loans for zero-rate VAT numbers to be repaid in 7 years. The maximum amount that can be financed is set at 50 thousand USD. Only the under 30 unemployed enrolled in the Youth Guarantee project have access.

Once the beneficiary has obtained the money, he must make the investments indicated in the business plan within 18 months from the date of admission to the facility.

New zero-interest companies, on the other hand, is an incentive dedicated to companies consisting mainly of women and under 35. The beneficiaries obtain a zero-rate mortgage with which it is possible to finance up to 75% of the start-up expenses.

Business projects with expenses of up to a maximum of 1.5 million USD are admitted to New enterprises at zero rate. The reimbursement of the sums obtained takes place in a facilitated manner and begins once the investment plan presented in the application has been completed. Investments that must be made within a maximum of 24 months from the signing of the contract.

Both Astro Finance and New zero-interest companies do not require the presence of guarantees for access to credit. Interested parties can submit the loan application directly through the Agency’s online platform.