Banks offers small loans for protests.


The world of loans is now wide and varied, and the methods of access are fast and comfortable, within everyone’s reach, despite this there is still a category of subjects who may have problems moving in this direction, i.e. the protested or in generally bad payers and those who don’t have a paycheck.

Who are the bad guys for banks?

Who are the bad guys for banks?

The paycheck, as can be easily guessed, represents a certainty for the bank, a guarantee since it suggests the economic possibility of the applicant to be able to repay his income. In the absence of these guarantees, banks may doubt the subject’s repayment ability and for this reason they often require the presence of a guarantor.

A similar speech can be made for those who have been registered in the “black book” of bad payers or protesters, a situation that occurs in cases where the subject has shown a non-possibility or unwillingness to pay any pre-paid loans. on.

Going into more detail, we can say that the term bad payer refers to the person who has not paid his installments, or has done so late and after having been solicited. The list of these subjects can be found at the Credit Information Risk center, available to all operators in the sector. The protested, however, is the one who has not paid the debt and on which alternative and forced recovery procedures have been opened.

How to apply for a loan from protestors or bad payers?

Having no personal guarantee, the only solution is to resort to external guarantees. The “scope” of these guarantees is inversely proportional to the interest rate applied, since a good guarantee involves a decrease in the risk for the bank. Your loan can therefore be guaranteed by a person with their own paycheck, who will undertake to pay the installments for you in case of your absence.

The second possibility is to open a mortgage on an inherited property, be it land or a house. Under these conditions, the loan will be granted because the bank will eventually know that it will be able to retaliate on the ground.

The same guarantees are required in the case of an online loan, although an important aspect needs to be clarified. The loan requested by these subjects is clearly subject to a longer authorization process, for this reason it is unlikely that in the presence of “normal” guarantees, the reply takes place within 24/48 hours. So consider a wider reaction time.

Foreclosed loan: who to ask?

Foreclosed loan: who to ask?

In the presence of the aforementioned guarantees, most credit and financial institutions grant the loan without further procedures, but as always it is preferable to check the conditions proposed by the various realities. Many advertisements and many promotional advertisements clearly state the wording “Even without a paycheck”, in reality not infrequently this condition also leads to a considerable increase in the specified conditions, for this reason a direct or virtual request that takes into account your specification situation is always the solution to be hoped for.

Remember that the loans granted usually have a maximum duration of 10 years, a condition that allows you to keep the installment low and therefore favors the payment of the same by the person who requested the loan.

At this point, therefore, you just have to start your tour between branches and sites, so you can immediately find the best solution and have your added money for that holiday you dream of, to support the education of your children, to buy the new car, to make an important gift to a member of your family or to renovate your home.

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