Loan for new computer and television – Loan money for TV and laptop

Need money to buy your new computer or television? You have many choices when you need to borrow money online. Especially if your need is only 5-10,000 dollars. There are many providers who can help you with these amounts.

In this article you can read about the possibilities of making a good loan for new computer and television. You can obtain the money through the loan companies online or at certain electronics retailers. Searching the web is easy and straightforward and you can quickly get started via our overview below.

Loan money for TV or computer

Loan money for TV or computer

Computers and television are two of the most common and widespread electronics items in Danish homes. There are now no Danes without TV and laptops. Since both products are at the same price level and have the same loan options, it makes sense to review them at the same time.

There are two primary options for you as a consumer when you need to find money for the purchase. You can use loan companies online or obtain financing from the dealer you buy from.

Mortgage companies online

Mortgage companies online

There are many loan providers online that can offer you financing. Good Finance gives you an overview of the leading mortgage companies so you can get started applying online. The overview is crucial for finding the right places where your needs and requirements are met.

We always make it easier and faster to borrow money online if you want to start a loan for a new computer or television.

Payment from dealers

Payment from dealers

The alternative is that you order your new TV or computer from the retailer, but choose to pay on installment. In some places you can get interest-free loans, but be aware of the fees and costs you will be charged!

It is rare that you are only allowed to pay over 6-12 months without it costing you extra. We have found a number of dealers who offer interest-free installment.

What you choose is entirely up to yourself. There are many options and it is worth considering whether to buy the whole expensive TV. Or the brand new and advanced computer from Dell or Asus. After all, you buy it for borrowed money!

Please note that we have disregarded the bank as they are unlikely to offer you a loan of USD 5-10,000 for this purpose. They will probably just recommend you save up.

Used computers

Used computers

Another consideration could be to go for the used markets. It will generally be cheaper and can give you more value – even if you do not want the same security with a 2-year warranty. At best, it can make a loan obsolete.

If you are considering used computers, you can see much more at They specialize in the area and it will be a great place to lead. It should at least give you an impression of the variants and the quality. So you are absolutely sure if you prefer used or new purchases.

Used TVs

The same can be done with the TV, where DBA is always a good place to look for used TVs. The big problem is that you can’t be sure of the seller. You should therefore take your precautions and be careful if you choose to buy the TV via

Nevertheless, you can find some TVs for sale at 29 – 41 inches via DBA. It is this size that most Danes prefer.

Can I get an interest-free loan for television?

Can I get an interest-free loan for television?

We have briefly been around the possibility of getting an interest-free installment or loan for television. There are electronics retailers who can help you for periods, but few people run the offer firmly. When it comes to the online market, you have a very special path to freedom of interest.

There are several providers that offer you an interest-free credit for up to 30 days as a new customer. This amount goes up to USD 4,000 and this is something you can find at Vivus, Lendon and Ferratum. This means that if you buy a TV for less than that price, it may be possible to take out an interest-free loan for television . It will just require you to repay within 30 days.

Should your preferred model be more expensive, it will require you to apply for and borrow loans in several places, so that you can actually get USD 8,000 between hands. But again, only some you have in the account for 30 days. It is therefore not a method we would recommend.

Choose a long-lasting Smart TV

There is no doubt that you are wise to choose a long-lasting TV that will not only last for the next 2-3 years, but much longer. A lot is happening in the electronics industry, so what was popular the other day may not be modern tomorrow. You can’t be on the notes all the time unless you have a lot of money in your pocket. And in that case, a loan for a new Smart TV will not be necessary.

You should definitely choose a Smart TV as more and more are moving in that direction, especially after it has become widespread to stream series and movies throughout it. You need a television that can go online and at the same time has a suitable size & resolution. The size is crucial so that you do not suddenly feel it is getting too small. You quickly get used to having something bigger! The solution has a great impact on the experience as a viewer.

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