Loan service that helps you search for the “right” loans online

Good Finance is a loan service that helps you search for the “right” loans online. We focus on the Danish loans and hence the name Good Finance .

The online loan market is a dynamic size that is constantly changing and we help you stay up to date. With us you can find the leading providers online and become clearer about what they can offer.

All companies have their own requirements

All companies have their own requirements

Opportunities and offers for you as a customer. The overview is crucial when you need to apply. The overviews on our website give you a good idea of ​​the possibilities.

Good Finance is a commercially run service that partners with the loan companies we refer to on the website. We receive commission when you fill out an application with the providers and this means that we can continuously maintain and improve the website. Only the providers we work with are shown, so you can’t expect to find all the providers and opportunities in our listings.

You can always use our service free of charge and apply to the companies you prefer. It is only when you sign an agreement that you are bound to the loan. All agreements you make with external companies will be subject to their current terms. You should therefore read them carefully before signing.

A secure website

We go to great lengths to have a secure website that you can trust as a visitor. This is one of the reasons why we have chosen to place it on an encrypted SSL connection, so we are on https.

Good Finance on social media

Good Finance on social media

We are present on several of the social media, where we post news, videos and practical information. We hope you want to keep up with what’s going on and you can find us here:

Focus on an important relationship

We believe it is important to focus on CSR conditions from a broad perspective, but especially on the country’s workplaces. Here it is very important that the employees are well social and that the working conditions are reasonable.

Good Finance has therefore chosen to focus on CSR and do what we can to create the best conditions for both colleagues and partners. Our clear view is that one comes the longest with a positive mindset. Hopefully, if all companies focus on this, it can help to increase awareness and awareness of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Paper Waste

Paper Waste

We go a long way in reducing paper waste and therefore work a lot with digital solutions and platforms where you do not have to print all the time. By storing documents in the cloud and using both sides of the paper, you can get along well.

An increased focus on waste paper as one of many steps in the path towards a better climate is one of the reasons why we support this initiative.

Work environment

It is not only CSR that concerns us, the same applies to the working environment. It should be a joy to go to work, not a burden. At least that’s how we feel at Good Finance, where we enjoy what we’re doing.

For the same reason, we want to focus on the good working environment, because it is certainly not so everywhere. A healthy work environment is the way to a popular workplace.

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